Your account allows you to:

  • create & admin users/groups
  • upload assets to the project
  • create/edit/move/replace folders/assets
  • upload and administer assets (videos, PDF's, images)
  • Grant Users/Groups access to project assets
  • attach EDL or ALE lists to video assets for scene/take navigation

The RECOMMENDED video upload SPECS are:

  • The video upload specs are:
    720p / h.264 / minimum video bitrate 3.5 mb/s / audio bitrate 256 AAC / constant
    1080p / h.264 / minimum video bitrate 6.5 mb/s / audio bitrate 256 AAC / constant
    • Codecs: H.264, MP4 are prefferred
    • do NOT prepare for streaming; we'll do that
    • Bitrate: constant, not variable
    • Audio: constant; nothing fancy
  • Upload video by Reel or by Day; not individual takes - the EDL or ALE will provide the scene or takes navigation
  • since we do charge for Upload Bandwidth, using the recommended specs covers off most web-based review expectations. For 720p You should target 1.75GB of file size per 1 hr

Basic Workflows:

Create/Edit Users:
  • On the left hand navigation, find and click the "User Management" icon
  • Click the text "Create User" (you likely ONLY need to make a "Screening Room User" as the Archetype; email is required)
Create Edit Groups:
  • On the left hand navigation, find and click the "Group Management" icon
  • Click the text "Create Group"
  • The ZedDrive | Rushcut Team strongly recommends and encourages your production to use Groups, over adding individual user permissions; this will allow you to easily adjust permissions well into production.
Upload Assets:
  • Using the recommended video specs above, navigate to the "Asset Management" section
  • Create folders as needed using the plus (+) sign on the tile
  • Add Groups (or users) to the folder; any Group or user granted access to a folder can have access to assets uploaded to that folder, or its sub-folders
  • Drag & Drop or Click the uploader to select assets to upload.
Publish Assets:
  • Once the upload is complete, if you chose Auto-Publish, the file will automatically be prepared for streaming. If Auto-Publish was not chosen, select the asset uploaded
  • The utilities panel on the left will have a "Reel" icon; click the Reel icon
  • This will "Publish" the video (essentially convert it for playback on the web; think "processing video" on Vimeo or Youtube); we do this for you to ensure the most consistent playback experience across devices
  • Once the publishing is complete, all users with access to the file will receive a direct link to the Published video in the "Screening Room"
Add/Edit Permissions:
  • From the Asset Manager: The utilities panel on the left will have a "Lock" icon; when you hover over it, it will say "edit group/user permissions"; click the lock icon and choose the Groups or individual users to add (assuming that they have already been created per "Create Users" above)
  • From the Screening Room: Navigate to the asset in the "Video Library" and select the "Lock" icon, then use same steps as above.

Quick Tips/Notes:

  • run an internal only test with a 5 min video using the above recommended specs/basic workflows; this will allow you to quickly see the entire process
  • until comfortable, publish videos to admins first, confirm quality, then add groups/users
  • Only Admins see the asset uploaded notification and/or receive the email
  • When in doubt #1: Use the "Password Reset" feature in User Management to help users activate their account (this will essentially resend the set password link from the Welcome email). Additionally, if you direct them to the website, they can use the "problem logging in" link.
  • When in doubt #2: Hit "Refresh" on your browser and/or "Log out/Log in".
  • also, please make sure to whitelist and in your corporate email spam filter
Please be in contact with any questions, or concerns. We are particularly quick at responding to technical support questions. Thanks for using ZedDrive | Rushcut!