ZedDrive is an unprecedented feature-rich media delivery and management service. From Packaging to Casting; Pre-Production and Scouting; through Dailies, Call Sheets, or Stills; all of your Post-Production needs for Cuts and Master Delivery... ZedDrive | Rushcut offers everything your team needs to collaborate and stay organized, anywhere in the world.

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Asset Management

Upload and manage any and all assets for your production. Videos, PDF’s, images- we’ve got you covered. LEARN MORE

Screening Room

Purpose built playback theatre for all of your screeners, dailies, cuts, casting, and location videos. LEARN MORE


How do you know who has access to your assets? You don’t. So we built the best-in-class anti-piracy system. LEARN MORE

Cloud Based

We’ve harnessed the most current internet technologies, and inventd a few of our own, to make your life easier. LEARN MORE


Create custom playlists of the days footage to help focus the collaboration. Even make live timeline edits!


Get collaboration out of email and off of napkins, and make the process interactive, intuitive, and controlled.

Access Control

Control access. No one gets in, unless you say so. Period. End of discussion. You’re welcome.


Accessible Anywhere. Load up ZedDrive on the go, at the office, or at home.


Your way. Whatever that way is, ZedDrive was designed to let you do it exactly like that.

Jury (Voting)

Create a jury to vote on the best trailer or publicity photo. Your own private kills system for culling the dregs.

Secure Links

Vimeo ain’t got nothing on us! Other than leaks… it’s really easy to leak your footage using Vimeo.


Master Delivery to your Broadcaster, Distributor, Sales Agent, anywhere in the world.



ZedDrive provides a FREE 30 Day Packaging / Pre-Production trial and/or FREE 1 year Watermarked Screener trial so all customers can determine if the product suits their business needs.