Safeguard the work you share. Discover how ZedDrive can help you control who has access to your videos, photos, documents, dailies, cuts, deliverables and more.

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It’s important to have control over what people can—and can’t—do with the data you’ve shared. ZedDrive granular permissions give you the power to control who can access folders and files, and what kind of access they have for each.

For example, ZedDrive lets you share a specific video file with your team—without giving them permission to access any other assets in the same folder.

Per Asset

Set permissions at the folder level, and have them populate downward, or per asset, or a combination of both.

per user

Give a user access to asset A and asset C, but not asset B- complete control!

per group

Create custom groups of users and add the groups to folders or assets. Remove users from groups for quick adjustments.

secure links

Share view-only links—these allow recipients to view, comment on, and download—but not edit—the original files.

set expiry

Set custom expiry dates on sensitive assets.

activity monitor

See a log of all your personal activities, and admins can view the detailed activities of their project users for easy troubleshooting.

Accessible Anywhere

Load up ZedDrive on the go, at the office, or at home.

Supported on all of your favourite devices.


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