Discover how ZedDrive can help secure your videos, photos, documents, dailies, cuts, deliverables and more with our anit-piracy workflow.

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Real-Time Watermark

When we started doing this 8 yrs ago, embedded watermarks per user were cumbersome. Today we can do it real-time due to our proprietary watermarking technology.

Using NLE (Avid, Premiere, Davinci)
~45 mins
Using ffmpeg on AWS
~25 mins
Zeddrive (Real-time)

*Results based on tests using 1 hour video

Our Anti-Piracy Workflow

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Clients that follow our Anit-Piracy workflow EXACTLY have nothing to worry about.

  • 100% Real-time Watermark
  • Encryption ON
  • Downloads OFF
  • Trusted Collaborators Only

While our competitors still use overlays we designed a proprietary real-time watermarking engine that burns a unique visual watermark into each video, serving as a deterrent to unauthorized sharing.

Professional content creators lose hundreds of millions of dollars a year due to piracy. ZedDrive was designed to protect your content at every stage, and our real-time watermarking deters users from unauthorised sharing of login credentials.

  • The user's email burned onto every frame
  • Interval Watermarks available
  • Adaptive bitrate if your connection speed changes
  • Vimeo & YouTube Download software proof
  • Dynamic cache to optimise the playback experience

Accessible Anywhere

Load up ZedDrive on the go, at the office, or at home.

Supported on all of your favourite devices.


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ZedDrive provides a FREE 30 Day Packaging / Pre-Production trial and/or FREE 1 year Watermarked Screener trial so all customers can determine if the product suits their business needs.