The Cloud provides technologies and solutions that are automatic, flexible and accessible wherever you are. Discover how ZedDrive can help manage videos, photos, documents, dailies, cuts, deliverables and more.

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What is cloud computing?

Different types of solutions

Businesses today have more assets to manage than ever before, especially with the increase of mobile devices used in the workplace. Cloud computing solutions provide users with on-demand services. These services are available directly thanks to the industrialization of delivery systems. After you've selected the service you want, you submit your request to a system that processes it directly, without human intervention. This high-level automation delivers a fast, self-service model. Otherwise known as "service on demand" or "as a Service" (*aaS) in the context of infrastructure (IaaS), a platform (PaaS) or software (SaaS).

Cost efficiency

A few years ago, asset management costs for video may have been a real constraint but not so with cloud computing solutions. ZedDrive's billing is adapted to your usage from the get-go. If your needs evolve over time, you can adapt your usage accordingly and only pay for the resources you need for your business. As average employee tenures grow shorter and more devices are mobile, companies' data security is also a key priority, and cloud computing allows for cost control and easier on-boarding and project ramp-up. Cloud computing is an affordable solution for global or distributed companies that need a full-featured, cloud-hosted asset management system.

Say goodbye to hardware headaches

Cloud computing offers users a level of hardware abstraction that means they don't have to worry about all the operational aspects of a datacentre. As a user, you don't need to deal with stock problems, parts that need replacing or the fluctuating cost of hardware. Forget about infrastructure management and concentrate on running your project while ZedDrive takes care of the rest.

Browser Based

No software to install. Access from any browser on your desktop or mobile device.

Budget Friendly

You can do everything you need to quickly and very affordably.


Need to double your projects needs. We can do it for you in seconds.


99.9% uptime. Guaranteed.

Accessible Anywhere

Load up ZedDrive on the go, at the office, or at home.

Supported on all of your favourite devices.


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ZedDrive provides a FREE 30 Day Packaging / Pre-Production trial and/or FREE 1 year Watermarked Screener trial so all customers can determine if the product suits their business needs.