Discover how ZedDrive can help manage videos, photos, documents, dailies, cuts, deliverables and more.

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Since our launch 8 years ago, ease of use has been our primary goal. Getting access to relevant videos without any technical expertise, is built into our design. Access any video from simple to use email links and/or dashboard links.

custom tree

Start with one of our templates, or build your own tree. Your way. All ways.

ALE / EDL Playlists

Use an ALE of your bin or an EDL of your timeline to create a playlist. Or check out our Selects feature!


Never let anyone download. But if you must- we can watermark it with their email.


Control access. No one gets in, unless you say so. Period. End of discussion. You’re welcome.


Place an overlay over all video files to as reminder to your team to not share their credentials.

HTML 5 Player

State of the art player technologies. We live on the edge!


Made a mistake but don’t want everyone to know? Just replace the old video with the new video.

Adaptive Bitrate

Adaptive bitrate switching ensures the highest quality for any connection speed.



Find out key details about each asset incl. date uploaded, file size, and specs.


Accessible Anywhere

Load up ZedDrive on the go, at the office, or at home.

Supported on all of your favourite devices.


What do our Customers Have to Say?



ZedDrive provides a FREE 30 Day Packaging / Pre-Production trial and/or FREE 1 year Watermarked Screener trial so all customers can determine if the product suits their business needs.